Atlético-MG is one step away from the symbolic title of Brasileirão: “I like to want more” | athletic-mg

The tie with Bragantino by 1-1, this Sunday, left Atlético-MG with great chances to win the symbolic title in the first round of Brasileirão. With two games in hand, only Flamengo can reach Cuca’s team – if they have a perfect campaign. In the era of straight points, the symbolic champion took the definitive title 73.6% of the time.

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Galo leads the table with 39 points earned over 18 rounds. The vice-leader, Palmeiras, has 35 and no longer reaches the Minas Gerais team, as well as Fortaleza (32) and Bragantino (32). Only Flamengo, currently fifth place, can make the overtaking. Rubro-Negro has 31 points, but two games less.

Atlético would guarantee the symbolic title with a victory against Bragantino, but ended up staying in the tie achieved with a goal by debutant Diego Costa. In the last round of the turn, the team receives Grêmio in Mineirão, in a game with a date yet to be rescheduled by the CBF.

Atlético-MG players celebrate Diego Costa’s goal — Photo: Diogo Reis/AGIF

– If only the championship had a turn, right? Now it starts all over again, the whole championship comes back. Of course, with the taste of wanting more. But we took a fantastic sprint and this has to be valued – said Cuca.

Since 2003, when the Brasileirão started to be played under the running points formula, the symbolic champion of the first round has lost the title only five times. One of them, with Atlético itself, in 2012 (Fluminense ended up with the trophy). Another, last year, when São Paulo took the symbolic title, but Flamengo ended up champion.

Champions of the turn and championship since 2003

Yearturn winnerChampion
2020São PauloFlamengo
2018São Paulopalm trees
2016palm treespalm trees
2008GuildSão Paulo
2007São PauloSão Paulo
2006São PauloSão Paulo

According to Cuca, the symbolic achievement of the first round is nothing more than a good mathematical sign. It means that the team is up to date with the projections of the technical committee for the end of the competition.

– You drive on the score you have, make calculations on the 114 points that are played throughout the championship and make an approximate calculation of what you need to be champion, taking the latest statistics. Sometimes it makes a mess. In 2016, for example, with 80 points, Palmeiras was champion when I was there. There were years that with 72, 73 points, he came out champion. So you do these calculations. And in this aspect, we are doing very well.