Avenue Securities Announces 70 Home Office Job Openings; salaries up to 22 thousand

Professionals approved for job openings at Avenue Securities can receive salaries of up to R$22,000. Know more.

American brokerage Avenue Securities opened 70 vacancies for hiring professionals in the technology area. Interested parties will be selected through a three-step selection process. Those approved will work in the home office mode.

Opportunities include the Back-end and Front-end areas. There are also chances for DevOps and quality assurance engineers. The company is looking for professionals who master the programming language, in addition to needing to have different levels of experience.

Selection process will have three steps

To participate in the selection process, the interested party must register through the company’s page. By clicking on the desired vacancy, it will be possible to know the requirements and criteria for taking the position. After enrolling, the professional will go through three stages: approval of the profile in the human resources area, technical interview and interview with the technology director.

Approved professionals may receive salaries of up to R$22 thousand. Remembering that Avenue Securities also offers some advantages, such as: health plan, dental coverage, help to work in the home office mode, life insurance and vouchers (meal, food, chair) for employees.

Another advantage for those selected are educational incentives, with a monthly reimbursement being given to workers when they buy books and participate in courses.

The company, which is headquartered in Miami and has an office in São Paulo, will reinforce the technology team after receiving a contribution of BRL 150 million from Softbank.

Vacancies made available by Avenue Securities

Vacancies in the home office modality are being offered for the following positions:

  • Talent bank – tech;
  • DevOps engineer;
  • Golang full back end developer;
  • Golang senior back end developer;
  • Quality assurance engineer.
  • Lawyer (a);
  • Investment and relationship analyst;
  • Onboarding Analyst;
  • Talent bank;
  • Equity research analyst;
  • Product design lead;
  • senior UX writer;
  • BI analytics.