Bárbara Evans gets emotional when she talks about difficulty getting pregnant: ‘I was already crying’ | celebrities

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Posted 29/08/2021 19:39 | Updated 08/29/2021 7:41 PM

Rio – Model Bárbara Evans, 30 years old, has been sharing with her followers, through social networks, her desire to get pregnant. And this weekend, upon discovering the result of one of the tests related to her fertilization process, Barbara got upset. Through Instagram, the model appeared crying and gave details of what has been happening.

“It’s going to start with crying. You can see that I was already crying. The biopsy result came out. From seven embryos, we had three healthy. We needed four, the doctor recommended that we do two more cycles in a row to capture egg, now. But I don’t have the emotional structure to do another two months in a row. I talked to my husband and if God wanted it that way, so do we,” said Barbara.

“Let’s go ahead, put these two embryos and let’s freeze one. Let’s pray a lot and hope a lot. I’m sure God is preparing the best for us. If it doesn’t work out – I know we always have to think positively, but we have to be aware of what could happen – so, if none of the two embryos, of the two that we are going to put in, do not succeed, we will go through a new capture”, completed the model.