Barbara Evans moves to tears when talking about insemination | Fabia Oliveira

Barbara Evans Reproduction/Instagram

Posted 29/08/2021 19:39 | Updated 08/29/2021 8:11 PM

Married just over a year to businessman Gustavo Theodoro, actress and model Bárbara Evans revealed yet another chapter in the process of in vitro fertilization what are you doing. In a series of videos posted on Instagram, Monique Evans’ daughter did not hide her emotion when telling the biopsy result.

“From seven embryos, we were left with three healthy. As we needed four, the doctor recommended two more cycles in a row of egg capture now. I don’t have the emotional structure to do another two months in a row. I talked to my husband and if God wanted this one way, so we want it too,” he said.

Soon after, the winner of ‘The Farm 6’ declared: “Let’s go ahead, put these two embryos and leave one frozen. Let’s pray a lot and hope a lot. I’m sure God is preparing the best. In case it doesn’t work out – I know that we always have to think positively, but we have to be aware of what might happen – so, if none of the two embryos, of the two that we are going to put in, do not succeed, we will undergo a new capture”.