Belgium GP generates memes on social media

The Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix was not a complete race, but in return, memes replace the lack of laps. The highlights were for the Band reporter Mariana Becker and the pilots Lando Norris and George Russell.

Mariana stole backstage footage from the event while he was paralyzed by the rains. The journalist caused by taking coffees and teas in the motorhomes of the teams and fans made her enter the most talked about topics on Twitter.

Upon seeing the reporter’s scenes, fans immediately rushed to Twitter and commented on the pilgrimage for hot tea. She even joined the most talked about topics on Twitter.

Besides her, pilots Sebastian Vettel, Mick Schumacher and Lando Norris also became memes. Norris slept while the race was at a standstill and Formula 1 was unforgiving:

As for Mick and Vettel, they took the opportunity to hit a ball… or at least they tried.

Red Bull rider Max Verstappen won today’s Belgium GP but only earned half the points. The race was marked by heavy rain just four laps, 10% of the 44 needed to complete the course. With the race incomplete, the value of the score of all drivers was computed in half.

Second place went to Williams’ George Russell, while Mercedes champion Lewis Hamilton took third place on the podium.