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Social networks are already part of our daily lives. Now, word of mouth advertising has migrated to cell phones. With this new scenario, experts warn that it is increasingly important to invest in what they call social commerce.

And there are several available data that reinforce this importance. See what a survey conducted by All iN Social Miner shows:

  • 76% of Brazilians use social media to buy;
  • 56% seek evaluation from other customers;
  • 54% use social media to compare prices.

“Social commerce is the area of ​​digital marketing that deals with communication with the customer through social networks to optimize the marketing and sales of this company”, explains consultant Cláudio Carvajal.

Bet on social commerce

A customizable notebook company, for example, realized that it couldn’t just leave the product on the shelf. You had to be on the internet to reach more audiences. So they invested in social networks and grew, on average, 65%

The digital transformation and strong presence on social networks only arrived at the company when the businesswoman Cristiane Ribeiro took over the direction of the business in 2018.

“The social network brought a lot of traffic, a lot of flow, a lot of people to get to know the brand. And, without a doubt, it was the main factor for all this to happen”, says Cristiane.

Due to its visibility on social networks, the company sells products to Portugal, Spain, France and Bolivia. Today, it has 700,000 followers on a social network and more than 100 comments per post. But these numbers don’t always mean a sale. And one of Cristiane’s strategies to captivate the customer is to always have new releases.

“Always bring something new and consistent content, talk to the consumer. Never leave it in a vacuum. Always talk to the end consumer,” says Cristiane.

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