Botafogo is interested in hiring Luiz Henrique, from Fortaleza

O Botafogo, little by little, tries to cover the gaps left in the cast due to injuries. With ronald and Diego Gonçalves out of combat with physical problems, the club went to the market in search of a striker and found a main target: Luiz Henrique, from Fortaleza.

+ Botafogo will have a full week to prepare for the match against Remo

Alvinegro has expressed, in recent days, interest in hiring the player for their managers. The agents forwarded the club’s wishes to Fortaleza, which sees the negotiation with good eyes and does not oppose a loan until the end of the Series B Brazilian Championship.

The point is that Botafogo still made the proposal official with Leão. The interest, however, is real: Alvinegro already has contacts with the player’s representatives and the tendency is that the conversations with Fortaleza become official soon. In the interest of both sides of the deal, the “handshake” should not be a problem.

Luiz Henrique was a request from Enderson Moreira, who worked with the athlete in Fortaleza itself last season. Currently booking with Juan Pablo Vojvoda, the Lion sees the negotiation with good eyes for the athlete to have playing time again.

The attacker acts on the sides of the field and also in a more advanced region in the middle. In season 2021, he has three goals and four assists in 21 games played.

The shirt 8 is created in Flamengo’s youth categories and even played two games for Rubro-Negro’s main team last year. In 2020, Leão acquired it permanently and now must give it back to football in Rio de Janeiro, but to Botafogo.