Brazilians moved R$ 36.9 billion in ten years on the market, but clubs in the country did not earn even half

This Monday, FIFA released a balance of the last ten years of transfers in the international market. Brazil is, by far, the country that had the most players traded and the ones that moved the most money in the period. But their clubs did not stand out in the same way when it came to receiving those figures.

According to the governing body of football, from 2011 to 2020, 15,128 Brazilian players were involved in international transfers, a record. The second nation that had more athletes traded was Argentina, with 7,444 – Great Britain (5.5 thousand), France (5,000) and Colombia (4.2 thousand) complete the top 5.

Brazilian players are also the ones who moved the most money in transactions, with more than US$ 7 billion (R$ 36.9 billion at the current price). Value well above the deals that involved the French, which appear in second position in the ranking, with just under US$ 4.5 billion (R$ 23.5 million approximately).

When it comes to money, Argentina drops to fourth place on the list, with US$ 3.2 billion (R$ 16.7 billion), also behind the Spanish (US$ 3.6 billion or R$ 18.8 billion ) – the Portuguese complete the top 5, with US$ 2.85 billion (R$ 14.8 billion).

In relation to the clubs, however, Brazil loses prominence. The country’s teams were also the ones that had the most players involved in international transfers, with 7,284 “exported” athletes. England was the closest to this in the period, with 6.5 thousand deals, ahead of Spain (4.4 thousand) and Argentina (4.3 thousand).

In finance, however, Brazilian teams do not even appear in the top 5 of the ranking compiled by FIFA. All these transfers generated US$ 2.8 billion (R$ 14.6 billion) to national clubs, well less than half of what the athletes moved.

The top of that list went to the teams from Spain, which, between 2011 and 2020, made US$6.2 billion (R$32.3 billion). The British also surpassed the US$5 billion mark, with US$5.2 billion (R$27.1 billion).

French clubs (US$4.9 billion, R$25.5 billion), Portuguese (US$4.3 billion, R$22.4 billion), Italian clubs (US$4.2 billion, R$21.9 billion ) and Germans (US$3.4 billion, R$17.7 billion) also surpassed Brazilians, owners of seventh place, in this regard.

According to FIFA, adding up the money received by teams from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia and Chile in South America in international transfers in ten years was the same as that made by English clubs alone.