Caiado denies Bolsonaro on ICMS on fuels

Caiado denies Bolsonaro on ICMS on fuels

Photo: Isac Pereira da Nóbrega/PR

Goiás Governor Ronaldo Caiado (DEM) went to Twitter this Monday (30) deny President Bolsonaro on the role of ICMS in fuel prices.

“The rate charged in Goiás has been the same since 2016. We did not make any adjustments. The tax is the same as last year, for example, when gasoline cost less than BRL 4.00.” wrote the governor this morning without naming the president or the federal government.

“The ICMS for alcohol in Goiás is the 5th cheapest. The increase in gasoline was never the fault of the State, because the readjustment is made by Petrobrás, following the value of the dollar. This year alone, Petrobrás has already increased fuel in the country by more than 51%. In the meantime, the price will rise”, added.

Caiado is at least the second governor to publish a message about ICMS and fuels in recent days.

Last Friday (27), it was Romeu Zema’s turn, also close to Bolsonaro. “There was not and will not be tax increases during my administration. The ICMS for fuels in Minas has been the same since 2018, when gasoline was BRL 4″, wrote the miner.

Since taking office in 2019, Bolsonaro has blamed the price of fuel on governors. In recent weeks, the attacks have renewed.