Caio Castro publishes mysterious phrase after finishing with Grazi Massafera – Famous

Caio Castro and Grazi Massafera (photo: Reproduo/Instagram)

The actor Caio Castro appeared on Instagram’s Stories this Sunday night (29th) to leave a mysterious phrase, which many fans interpreted as a message about the end of his relationship with Grazi Massasphere, confirmed the morning of the same day.

The artist wrote: “The world turns. God does not delay and does not fail. He acts at the right time”, followed by an emoji of heart and lightning. However, Caio he didn’t publish anything else and didn’t give any further explanation as to the meaning of the statement.

Grazi Massafera, which is back on the TV screen with Secret Truths, spoke about the end of the relationship exclusively for Ela magazine this Sunday. Also, Caio Castro denied rumors of an alleged betrayal on their social networks.

“My relationship with Caio came to an end because we understood it was time to go apart,” said the 39-year-old actress. The couple had been together since 2019.

“My relationship with Caio came to an end because we understood that it was time for us to go apart,” said the magazine. “What can I say now that we’ve ended our story with all due respect,” said the actress.

Caio Castro, in turn, used their social networks to deny rumors of an alleged betrayal. According to Lo Dias’ column in Metrpoles, the actor already has a new affair: Larissa Bonesi, Brazilian actress and model.

“We were never one to talk about our relationship. We never exposed much about us, and it will not be now that I will feed this type of report. But inventing a story of betrayal is more than lack of respect,” said the actor on Instagram. “We decided to separate for our reasons, we were mature and we respect, above all, our love”, he added.