Casagrande points out the best team in Brazil today, but warns

Casagrande is a commentator for Globo and spoke about Flamengo in Brasileirão.

Credit: Reproduction/TV Globo

On your blog at “GE“Casagrande chose Flamengo as the best team in Brazil and also in South America. In a great phase under the command of Renato Gaúcho, Rubro-Negro sent a spot in the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil and seeks to advance to the Libertadores decision, in addition of reaching the Rooster in Brasileirão. Thus, the commentator mentioned that the two clubs could be on the field in two important decisions.

“Flamengo has been rocking! He thrashed another one, this time Santos, and away from home. In two games, he scored eight goals and conceded none, including the duel with Grêmio in the Copa do Brasil. Gávea’s team remains the best in Brazil and South America, followed closely by Galo. But that doesn’t guarantee titles, although to eliminate them the opponent will have to play without missing anything and the possibility of having two finals Flamengo x Atletico-MG (Libertadores and Copa do Brasil) is great and then I’ll finally watch one entire deciding game between them”, expressed.

At the moment, Atlético-MG leads Brasileirão with 38 points, while Flamengo accumulates 31 points, and could finish the 18th round in the G-4. Meanwhile, Cuca’s team faces Palmeiras in the semifinals of the Libertadores and will face Fluminense in the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil, having won the first game.

In the first round of the Brazilian Championship, Atlético-MG, with a great performance by Savarino, beat Flamengo by 2-1. Now, the reunion of the teams could mean another possible “final”, as both must dispute the national title.


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