Cássio Gabus appears in rare photos with Lídia Brondi and praises: “We are surviving very well”

After 30 years of union, the two continue in a happy marriage marked by companionship; Look

The actor Cassio Gabus made a rare mention of his wife, Lidia Brondi.

Married and discreet, the two rarely appear publicly. During the It’s from Home this Saturday (29), he spoke of the beginning of dating right after the two formed couples in two soap operas.

“There are people who are absolutely sure that we were together at that time, but it was far away. It was a pleasure to work with her, who is a great actress. We found ourselves up there, in 92″, he said.

The heartthrob then said that the two are well and happy after almost 30 years of relationship.

We are surviving very well, thank god, she is a very nice companion”, he declared.

Known for her beauty and talent, Lidia Brondi was an icon of the 90s. She became the darling of the audience when she played the stylish Solange Duprat in Anything goes, left his career at the height of success and never gave interviews or appeared on television programs again. Discreet, the former actress lives in the neighborhood of Itaim, in São Paulo, next to her husband with whom she made a romantic partner in the soap opera My good, my evil.

Recently, the eldest daughter of the beauty, Isadora Frost, got married in the USA.