Celsinho, from Londrina, reports a new case of racism at stake for Série B | london

Midfielder Celsinho, from Londrina, reported having been called a “monkey” by a gentleman connected to Brusque during a match valid for the 21st round of Serie B. At halftime, the player called the fourth referee of the game and even pointed out the person who said racist offenses. The match took place this Saturday, at the Augusto Bauer stadium, and ended in a draw 0-0.

It actually happened (to be called a monkey). I don’t know if he’s part of the technical committee, the board, a man in red in the box. I also don’t understand why there are so many people in a protocol that the games are not released to the fans. It’s unfortunate.

— Celsinho after the game on SportTV

Celsinho, midfielder at Londrina, confirms that he suffered racial injury and says: "the arrangements will be taken"

Celsinho, midfielder at Londrina, confirms that he suffered racial injury and says: “the steps will be taken”

Assessoria do Brusque stated that the club has not received any notification from the arbitration or CBF on the matter and therefore will not take a position.

This is the third time that Celsinho is the target of racism in Série B. Previously, in a game against Goiás, on July 17, a narrator and a commentator from Rádio Bandeirantes Goiânia used terms such as “heavy hair”, “bean flag ” and “a filthy business” to comment on the athlete’s hair. The duo apologized on social media and was removed from the network.

Less than a week later, against Remo, narrator Cláudio Guimarães, from Rádio Clube do Pará, says that Celsinho is going “with his hair like a termite nest to hit the ball”. Guimarães was removed by the network at the end of the night and also apologized for the comment made.

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In this new episode, the midfielder said he will pursue legal measures.

Once again… it’s inadmissible. And you can be sure. A team of medium-low size recently promoted to a Serie B Brazilian Championship to be committing such an act is inadmissible, but measures will be taken.

he blurted out.

In the match summary, the following record was made:

– Around 45 minutes into the 1st half, the athlete from the Londoner, Mr. Celso Luis Honorato Júnior informed the fourth referee that he was offended with the following words: “go cut that hair, you bee curl”, by a man in the stands, which was identified by the coordinator of the cbf, mr. Ricardo Luiz, like Julio Antônio Petermann, staff of the Brusque team. I further inform that the aforementioned athlete, together with the football director of the London team, Mr. Germano Cardozo Schweger, were at the door of the arbitration locker room, after the end of the game and confirmed the above report.

The document has the signature of the referee Fábio Augusto Santos Sá Junior, assistants Cleriston Clay Barreto Rios and Daniel Vidal Pimentel, in addition to the fourth referee: Evandro Tiago Bender.

Celsinho reports a new case of racism at Londrina’s Serie B game — Photo: Ricardo Chicarelli/Londrina EC

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