Christian Figueiredo and Zoo’s son is born! See the baby’s first photo:

Christian Figueiredo and Zoo’s second child was born, they showed the little one’s first photo

The second son of the digital influencer was born Christian Figueiredo and his wife, the singer zoo. They are already the parents of little two-year-old Gael and have now just become Nikki’s parents. The boy was born at dawn this Sunday (29) through normal delivery. Apparently, the birth took place at Christian and Zoo’s home, just as it did with little Gael.

When she was in the beginning of her labor, Zoo wrote: “We have a mom around here feeling contractions. Still light, but it’s a start…I’ll update you! Maybe they start to get more intense and rhythmic, or maybe they don’t evolve…let’s hope it’s not a false alarm, because despite looking full…I’m exhausted!”.

Later, Zoo confirmed that her son with Christian Figueiredo was born and said: “Just passing by to reassure you and say that everything is fine! Nikki is the most beautiful thing in this world! I’ll bring you more news soon, now we need to rest a little because this delivery was more difficult than Gael’s. 10 hours of active labor! I’ll tell you details later! Thank you for the good energy and the affection!”.

And a few hours later, she showed the first photo of her baby with Christian Figueiredo. In introducing little Nikki, she said: “NIKKI: the conqueror of the people; two trees. And the tree is the symbol of life, representing perpetual evolution, always in vertical ascent, ascending towards heaven. Welcome my son! And may you harvest all the fruits of your trees”.
Many famous people congratulated the couple on the arrival of their baby. “Congratulations!” ex-BBB Thelma Assis said. And the composer Pablo Bispo said: “A lot of love, a lot of light, a lot of health, good energy and music!”.

Internet users were also just praise for the baby. One Internet user also commented: “Your son is very beautiful! How sweet!”. And another internet user said: “What a beautiful baby! I think he looks like Chris!”.

Christian Figueiredo's baby, little Nikki

Christian Figueiredo and Zoo’s newborn son, little Nikki

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