City of SP starts immunization of adolescents aged 15 to 17 without comorbidities this Monday | São Paulo

The start of vaccination for this group was only possible because the city received on Friday (27) about 400,000 new doses of the Pfizer vaccine, the only one authorized so far by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) for the immunization of minors in the Brazil.

Adolescents who have already taken the 1st dose can also subscribe to the so-called “xepa” list to advance the 2nd dose (see below).

To be vaccinated in SP, it is mandatory to present proof of residence in the capital, an identification document and be accompanied by the person responsible at the time of vaccination. If this is not possible, you must be with an adult and present an authorization signed by the guardian.

Capital confirms start of vaccination of teenagers this Monday

Capital confirms start of vaccination of teenagers this Monday

In addition to the new group, the capital of São Paulo will continue vaccinating young people aged 12 to 17 with comorbidities, permanent disabilities (physical, sensory or intellectual), pregnant and postpartum women.

According to municipal management, until this Sunday (29) the capital of São Paulo vaccinated only 25% of adolescents in this group, despite the installation of vaccination posts in seven city parks over the weekend.

Updated vaccination calendar in the capital:

  • Monday (30): Young people aged 15 to 17, in addition to young people aged 12 to 17 with comorbidities, pregnant women, postpartum women and people over 18 years old
  • (Dates of other age groups have not yet been released by the city)

The entire network must be in operation for vaccination this Monday: 468 Basic Health Units (UBSs); mega stations with pedestrian access, stations that operate exclusively on a drive-thru system and the network of partner pharmacies. The vaccine will also be available at Integrated AMAs/UBSs, Specialized Care Service (SAE) units and at Health Centers. (See the complete list of addresses)

Through the Filometer, it is possible to monitor the waiting situation at the vaccination posts against Covid-19 that are operating in the city. On the page it is also possible to check which vaccines are available for the application of a second dose in each unit.

The City of São Paulo also informed that as of this Monday (30) the remaining doses of vaccines against Covid-19 will also be destined for adolescents over 12 years old without comorbidities.

Adolescents who have already taken the first dose for more than 30 days can enroll in the so-called “vaccine xepa” to advance the application of the second dose.

“The application of remaining doses is subject to availability at the end of the day in each Basic Health Unit (UBS). Each health unit must organize a waiting list with users in its coverage area, who meet the criteria of interval between the doses, with telephones for calling the interested public. Those who live, study or work in the region of the unit can register,” informed the municipal administration.

To enroll in the list of “xepa” it is necessary to present proof of residence in the municipality. Enrollments can be made during the opening hours of the UBSs and the call is made in order of enrollment

Anyone waiting for the second dose of the immunizing agent can register in the waiting list for remaining doses, the so-called “vaccine xepa”, in a Basic Health Unit (UBS).

Anyone who has taken the first dose of AstraZeneca or Pfizer for at least 30 days may be eligible for “xepa”. In the case of CoronaVac, you must have taken the first dose for at least 15 days. To enroll, you must take proof of residence to a health center and wait to be called.

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