Company that only sells heart products grows and earns R$ 700 thousand | Small Business & Big Business

The businesswoman Roberta Almeida opened a business only with heart products. A passionate idea that has already spread across the country.

“My friends always asked if I was in love, because I was always drawing hearts. So I always liked love and partying”, says Roberta.

It was with this passion that she turned her own business into a small gold mine. Cups, plates, cutlery, napkins, candles have a print or heart shape.

Last year, during the social isolation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, billing increased 600%. In the first half of this year, it reached R$ 700 thousand reais.

The business started at home, online, in 2018.

Roberta also owns an events company, which has practically stopped the pandemic. In this way, she bet all the chips on hearts – and won over the customers.

“People were far away from those they love. So, a lot of them happened to buy in our store and ask us to send it to someone who is far away. In addition to this thing of staying at home, taking care of your house more, paying more attention to you,” he says.

In July this year, Roberta opened her first physical store in the city of São Paulo.

“I do all the creative part – curation and creation. And then I go after the best suppliers that produce that type of product – porcelain, ceramics, wood, fabric”, he says.

The businesswoman is also very active on social media. She has a mini-studio in the store to advertise online.

The company also has 30 multibrand stores that resell the products. And there are also what Roberta calls affiliates. They are women who, from clients, started to sell her products – without needing initial investment or stock.

“The person sends an e-mail, telephone and CPF. We register, and they receive an exclusive link with their code. So, they can follow on our platform everything that is purchased on this site with their code and earn a commission from 15% on sales, discounted only the value of shipping and taxes”, explains Roberta.

Heart Objects
Rua Professor Vahia de Abreu, 441 – Vila Olímpia
São Paulo/SP – CEP: 04549-002
Phones: (11) 93497-4047 / 2478-4127
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

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