Corinthians scores, wins Ferroviria and is close to the final of the Women’s Brazilian Championship

Corinthians sent its place in the decision of the Brazilian Women’s Championship this Sunday night. Playing at Arena da Fonte, in Araraquara, the alvinegra team got the victory by 3-1 and now it can even lose by a goal difference in the second game that will again be in the decision of the competition.

Timon’s goals were scored by Vic Albuquerque, Érika and Gabi Zanotti, with shirt 10 being a painting. She took a corner kick and made her bike to the opponent’s goal. Yasmin cashed.

Timão’s Agenda! Corinthians now turns the key to play in Paulista. The team faces Nacional on September 1st, in a match that will be played at Parque São Jorge. The semifinal return will only be next Sunday, at Arena Barueri.


Arthur Elias selected Corinthians with almost an entire reserve team. Sparing his athletes for the semifinal of the Brasileirão, the coach sent the team to the field with Kemelli; Katiuscia, Giovanna Campiolo, Erika and Juliete; Anddressinha, Gabi Zanotti, Gabi Portilho and Tamires; Victoria Albuquerque and Adriana.


My Timon

Railway, in turn, started the game with Luciana; Carol Tavares, Ana Alice, Luana and Barrinha; Yasmin Cosmann, Aline Milene, Aline Gomes and Sochor; Rafa Mineira and Gessica.

How was the game?

First time

The first half started busy, with Arthur Elias’ team trying to propose the game and advance the marking a lot, even playing away from home. And the result did not take long to favor the alvinegra team.

Gabi Portilho was thrown on the right side and crossed at the entrance to the area. Vic Albuquerque was on the run, managed to dominate the ball and kick hard to beat goalkeeper Luciana, opening the score..

The home team reacted with a corner kick, with Barrinha taking it to the head of Yasmin, who tested without a chance for Kemelli. Equality on the scoreboard and another test for the Corinthians, who were superior at that time of the match.

The alvinegras, however, kept possession of the ball and continued pushing the opposing team back. Adriana, the main escape valve, managed to plague the rival defense with her sprints.

Even before the break, the advantage returned to the visitors. After a corner taken by the right side, Gabi Zanotti, close to the penalty spot, turned a bicycle and sent it into Luciana’s goal corner, determining the 2-1.

Second time

The Corinthians domination continued in the final stage, maintaining possession of the ball and managing to prevent Aline Milene from dictating the pace of the midfield. Arthur Elias, realizing that the team needed a new energy, sent Ingryd and Jhenifer to the field, trying to surprise the opposing defense.

In the first big chance, Tamires received it on the left side, invaded the area and kicked to Luciana’s defense. In the leftover, Adriana headed, but ended up sending it out, losing a good chance.

Shortly thereafter, Tamires fired Jhenifer, who finished and sent it close to the crossbar. The domain resulted in a goal shortly before the 30th minute. After the ball was out of the way, Zanotti sent the ball over to Erika, who dominated and scored the 3-1.

The Corinthians managed to stay on top of the opposing team in the final stretch, being surprised only in rare set pieces for the home team. The score was not changed until the final whistle.

1 x 3 Corinthians Railway Technical Sheet

Competition: Brazilian Women’s Championship
Local: Doctor Adhemar de Barros Studio, Araraquara, SP
Date: August 29, 2021 (Sunday)
Time: 8:00 pm (Brasilia)
Referee: Daiane Caroline Muniz dos Santos
Assistants: Leandra Aires Cossette and Patricia Carla de Oliveira
Video Arbitrator: Amanda Pinto Matias
Goals: Yasmin Cosmann (Railway); Erika, Gabi Zanotti, Victria Albuquerque (Corinthians)

RAILWAY: Luciana; Carol Tavares (Maisa), Ana Alice, Luana (Suzane) and Barrinha; Yasmin Cosmann, Aline Milene, Aline Gomes and Sochor; Rafa Mineira and Gessica.
Technician: lindsay

CORINTHIANS: Kemelli; Katiuscia, Giovanna Campiolo, Erika, Yasmim, Andressinha (Ingryd), Gabi Zanotti (Diany), Gabi Portilho (Jheniffer), Tamires, Victria Albuquerque and Adriana (Cacau).
Technician: Arthur Elias

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