‘Corinthians the best team in the world’

Rayssa Leal, Fadinha da Fiel, was champion of the first stage of the World Skate Street League (SLS) this Saturday. After winning, she participated in a live in a relaxed atmosphere with Japanese-British skateboarder Sky Brown and taught her phrases in Portuguese. In addition to presenting Brazilianized words such as “oxente”, Rayssa demonstrated her love for Corinthians once again.

Fadinha joked with her colleague and made her repeat “Corinthians are the best team in the world, forget it”. Very smiling, Brown replied the teaching of her friend Rayssa – see the video below.

The skaters are in Salt Lake City, Utah, where Rayssa took the thrilling title after a surprising comeback. The Brazilian also had a special day for getting the highest score in the history of women’s SLS after a 360º filp and a handrail maneuver.

Also on Saturday, Corinthians congratulated Rayssa as soon as the result came out. Now, it was the champion’s turn to mention the club of the heart on her social network.

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