Covid-19: Unimed concentrates services at the CAC on Avenida Nove de Julho | Unimed Ribeirão Preto Advertising Special

As part of its strategy to fight Covid-19, Unimed Ribeirão Preto is now carrying out the service to suspected cases in a single location, the CAC – 24 Hours Coronavirus Service Center, on Avenida Nove de Julho, 222. The location is in operation since March last year, when the virus arrived in Brazil and led to the need to restructure public and private health services. At Unimed Ribeirão Preto, one of the first measures was the creation of CACs designed to receive clients with symptoms of the disease. On average, the centers came to handle 170 new cases daily during the peak periods of the pandemic.

Located in the central region and with its own parking, the CAC Nove de Julho has a complete structure to provide care to customers suspected of having the disease, with fast and safe screening, equipment for emergency care, including respirators, specific laboratory and imaging tests for diagnosis and treatment of the new Coronavirus, specially trained medical and nursing staff and inter-hospital transport in a mobile ICU available on-site 24 hours a day, in cases of emergency admissions.

Trained team provides multidisciplinary support to patients

With teams working exclusively focused on Covid-19 symptoms, all the experience acquired since the beginning of the pandemic remains at the service of Unimed customers in Ribeirão Preto and region. “All these months after the beginning of the pandemic and despite all the challenges it still brings us, we are now better able to understand the trajectory of the disease. We can better manage the treatment of their symptoms, with very well-founded protocols and structured care flows”, assesses Eliane Nepomuceno, coordinator of the Center’s nursing team.

In cases that require hospitalization, after discharge and if there is a referral for this, Unimed clients still find post-Covid care at the CAC, with nursing, psychology, pulmonology care, in addition to all the welcoming attention.

“We hear the stories of overcoming difficulties from everyone who is going through this difficult time. They are emotional stories”, says Eliane. Created in September last year, the post-Covid care clinic has already attended to around 500 patients who overcame the most difficult moment in the hospital. illness.

As part of this new strategy, other urgent and emergency care services continue to be offered at Hospital Unimed Ribeirão Preto, for cases involving trauma, suspected heart attacks, strokes and accidents, among other health problems, with a team on duty 24 hours a day. where first world medicine is practiced. Cases involving clinical care in general and pediatrics rely on the 24-hour Unimed structure at Hospital São Paulo.

When to look for assistance?

Unimed customers should seek assistance if they present symptoms of Covid-19, such as headache, runny nose, body pain, sore throat, fever and shortness of breath.

In addition to the wide structure available on Avenida Nove de Julho, 222, Unimed plan users also have the Digital Pronto Service – indicated for people with mild symptoms. It is a medical appointment made through the computer screen or cell phone, with all the comfort and security that the moment requires. Through the video, the doctor can see the patient and listen to their report before clarifying their doubts or directing them to seek care. Unimed’s Digital PA can be accessed for free on the website, every day of the week, from 8am to 10pm.

Responsible Physician: Dr. Moysés de Oliveira Lima Filho – CRM 65185