Crespo avoids talking about reinforcements and regrets the SPFC’s inattention in a tie – 08/29/2021

São Paulo paid for a lack of attention at the end of the match against Juventude, in the assessment of coach Hernán Crespo. After opening the penalty spot with Reinaldo, the team from São Paulo took the tie in the final minutes of the duel, once again in a set-piece play.

“I believe we could play in a better way, which allows us to have a greater advantage on the scoreboard. That didn’t happen and we paid for inattention. I believe we can improve with this time. It was only two games. [com atuações ruins], today and against Sport, I believe that we played good games before, but I think we can play better football,” he said during a press conference.

São Paulo will now have a long break until the next game. As the duel against América-MG has been postponed and has no date to happen, the next commitment of the São Paulo team will be against Fluminense, on September 12th.

Before the break, however, São Paulo works to strengthen the cast. The board talks with midfielder Gabriel Neves, from Nacional (URU), and striker Jonathan Calleri. Asked about possible new players, Crespo declined to comment.

“You know me, you know I never talk about the market. I don’t want to talk about hypotheses, this will not be an exception. All the opportunities that the board can find to improve the cast, I’ll be happy,” he said.

Check out other statements by Hernán Crespo during the press conference:

set-piece goal

Problems will always happen, because it is impossible to control all the opportunities that football has, football is dynamic. We know that after the game against Flamengo we never again conceded a goal from a set-piece. Playing so many games, games like the last two will happen, that we couldn’t close the score. But I believe that with Bahia and Grêmio and, a pity for the VAR with Palmeiras in Brasileirão, we could have won at the last minute.

We have a lot to work, a lot of space to work. Not just set pieces, but having the ball a little more. We have many situations to improve, we know the cast we have, the characteristics we have and we try to do our best.

Rigoni and Luciano

Maybe it wasn’t the first time they played together, but maybe the second time they saw each other, because they trained twice together. We know that’s the situation, let’s try to recover other players. I’m waiting for Marquinhos, because after the break, Marquinhos will be able to play again.

Éder is coming back, today we had Juan’s debut. We will finally be able to choose the athletes, in theory, in the best shape, because we will have two weeks of work. They will be very positive, I believe the future of São Paulo will be better compared to what started the championship.