Cruzeiro draws with CRB in Maceió, expands invincibility, but remains in the same position in Series B – Rádio Itatiaia


Cruzeiro drew another game in the B Series of the Brazilian Championship. In a very truncated duel and with few chances for both sides, the celestial team was 0-0 with CRB, this Sunday afternoon, at the Rei Pelé stadium, in Maceió, for the 21st round of the national competition.

It was Cruzeiro’s 10th draw in Serie B in 21 matches. The equality on the scoreboard maintained Raposa’s unbeaten record under coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo. Now there are six games, with three wins and three draws. In total, the celestial team reached the eighth duel without losing in the Second Division.

Despite the extended unbeaten record, the result was not good for Cruzeiro, who remained in 14th position, with 25 points. The CRB fell to third place, with 37.

Now, Cruzeiro will have more than a week of break until the next match, which will be against Goiás, on September 7 (Tuesday), at 9:30 pm, in Serrinha, for the 22nd round of Série B.

The game

Coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo opted for Thiago to join Marcelo Moreno, who is with the Bolivian team for the qualifiers. But the match started was pretty truncated.

The rain that fell in Maceió increased in the first minutes of the game and worsened the situation of the duel. With the grass heavy, the low passes had to be exchanged for direct links, but none of that worked for either side. The match was more physical and there were many fouls in the first half.

Cruzeiro’s best chance came from a free kick by Giovanni, who took advantage of the very wet lawn to hit hard and low in the corner, but the goalkeeper stretched out to palm. In CRB, the only opportunity was after an error by Ramon in the ball outing. Jajá recovered and found Júnior Brandão in the area, but the attacker took it badly and sent him out.

In the final stage, Cruzeiro dropped in performance and could no longer stay in the attacking field as in the first 45 minutes. The CRB started to dominate the game and almost opened the scoreboard with a header by Guilherme Romão in which Fábio fell in the corner and saved on top of the line.

In the final minutes, Cruzeiro improved and began to press for the winning goal. At 44, Felipe Augusto invaded the area and kicked across, but the ball went close to the crossbar. Aso 46, Sobis hit the corner and the goalkeeper swung in for a corner. In the sequence, Matheus Pereira sent a bomb from the tip of the area and Diogo Silva countered saving the CRB once more and guaranteeing a goalless draw.


CRB: Diogo Silva; Reginaldo Lopes, Gum, Caetano and Guilherme Romão; Marthã (Carlos Jatobá), Jean Patrick (Wesley) and Renan Bressan (Diego Torres); Jajá (Alisson Farias), Júnior Brandão (Emerson Negueba) and Pablo Dyego. Technician: Allan Aal

Cruise: Fabio; Rômulo, Ramon, Eduardo Brock and Matheus Pereira; Flávio (Marco Antonio), Adriano and Giovanni (Claudinho); Bruno José (Felipe Augusto), Wellington Nem (Marcinho) and Thiago (Rafael Sobis). Technician: Vanderlei Luxembourg

Date: August 29, 2021
Time: 16:00 in Brasilia
Location: Rei Pelé, Maceió (AL)

Yellow Card: Flávio (Cruise); Marthã, Pablo Dyego (CRB)

Referee: Bruno Arleu de Araújo (RJ)
Assistants: Rodrigo Figueiredo Henrique Correa and Daniel de Oliveira Alves Pereira (both from RJ)
VAR: Rodrigo Carvalhaes de Miranda (RJ)