Director proposes conversation with teams to avoid non-race in Formula 1

Michael Masi said he tried everything, but time prevented the race from being held in Spa (Photo: Formula 1/YouTube)

Watch the highlights of this Sunday’s Belgium GP (Video: GRAND PRIZE with Reuters)

Race director of the FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation) for Formula 1 since 2019, Michael Masi lived last Sunday (29th) the “most infernal day” of his career in motorsport. Criticized by all sides for the decision to carry out the Belgian GP — a race that was not raced, with a course of just two laps on the track with drivers under safety-car regime, a scenario created for the race to be officially valid, even with the distribution of points halved —, the Australian returned to defend his attitude, but promised to talk with the teams to change the rules and avoid a repetition of a non-race, like the one that took place at Spa-Francorchamps.

At a press conference hours after the controversial non-race in Belgium, Masi said he will propose a debate with the ten teams on the grid to analyze the possibility of changes in the Formula 1 regulation and expand the range of options in such an extreme scenario, like last Sunday.

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“I think after this weekend, and at our next meeting next year, we’re going to look at a bunch of stuff that you know we can all look at, and then see what everybody wants,” said successor to Charlie Whiring , who died in March 2019, a victim of pulmonary embolism, on the eve of that year’s Australian GP.

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Michael Masi said that on Sunday he lived the “most hellish day” of his career (Photo: Playback/Sky Sports)

“As you all know, we are at one of those points where the FIA ​​is working with all ten teams and Formula 1 to develop regulations. So let’s go through all the various scenarios and see what everyone thinks about it,” confirmed Masi.

The only certainty the Australian has in face of everything that happened at Spa-Francorchamps is that last Sunday will never be forgotten. “It was probably the most hellish day. Obviously, we’ve seen good and bad weather here all weekend, but today was the worst of all. It was a challenge”.

The FIA ​​race director for Formula 1 reiterated that he had released the cars to the track, after more than three hours of waiting and the race was stopped, because he saw a weather window that indicated an improvement in the rain conditions at that time. But, as the Australian himself said, “time has beaten us”.

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“We were all looking at a window that we thought would be there. The teams saw that there was a weather strip [melhora], where we thought we could insert something. As you all know, being fans of the sport, you all saw how the weather changes quickly in this place, taking into account that the rain comes on one side and sometimes there is sun on the other”, explained Michael, recalling the weather conditions always fickle in Spa.

“We believe we could put something [em termos de fazer uma corrida], but the weather got so bad that, unfortunately, it wasn’t possible,” lamented Michael Masi.