Disney Takes This Is Us Out Of Pay TV To Blast New Streaming · TV News

One of the main series on American TV at the moment, This Is Us will debut its sixth — and last season — far from the Brazilian audience that followed the previous five years on pay TV. In Disney’s strategy to pump Star+ streaming, the family drama will be exclusive to streaming and will no longer be aired by the Star Channel (formerly Fox).

The plan is similar to what is already done with The Walking Dead: the biggest audience on Fox and Star, the drama did not debut its 11th year in Brazil simultaneously with the United States, as it did before.

The zombie series will only have new episodes available on Star+, which will be released in the country on Tuesday (31). Therefore, the public tries to escape the spoilers of the beginning of the season – the second episode will air this Sunday night (29) in the US.

The strategy of making This Is Us an exclusive streaming product has been confirmed to TV news by Cristiano Lima, head of Disney’s Entertainment in Brazil, in an exclusive interview.

“This is Us is coming with its sixth season, exclusive on Star+, at the beginning of next year, in 2022. I’m sure it will resonate a lot. It’s a product I watch a lot, and I’ll be glad to see it as a user, and not as an executive (laughs),” he declared.

Asked about the reasons that led the company to hold The Walking Dead and This Is Us, the director said it involves a matter of public habits: “The channels [lineares] they are still very important, but what we have to read is that public consumption is changing. If you look at the channels’ audience, you’ll notice this change in consumption.”

We are always going to position ourselves to make the best delivery, we go to where the consumer is. We are in transition in the market, learning from the practices we have. If you read the channel’s audience numbers, you’ll notice this movement. The series proved to be a younger product and with a differentiated consumption. So, we deliver, and people consume in whatever way is most convenient for them.

Friends only on HBO Max

Disney isn’t the only developer to pull hit pay TV shows to get new streaming subscribers. Turner took a similar step with its biggest blockbuster, the comedy Friends (1994-2004).

as the TV news revealed firsthand, the fun story with Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer will no longer be aired on Brazilian pay TV for the first time in 25 years. The ride will depart from the Warner grid and become exclusive to HBO Max.