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The challenging scenario in the country reinforces the importance of recalibrating and diversifying the fixed income portion of the investment portfolio, says the columnist (Image: Shutterstock)

In view of the high inflation and the perspective that the Central Bank will raise the Selic even further – today at 5.25% per year to 7.50% or even more, according to projections by financial institutions – the Fixed income once again attracted investors’ attention.

Not that it has ever been overlooked, but without a doubt, this asset class is flashing hard on the radar, really eye-catching.

The challenging scenario in the country reinforces the importance of recalibrating and diversifying the fixed income portion of the investment portfolio – we have been very alert to this here at Empiricus.

Even in fixed income, the maxim is: “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. For many people, this is not so obvious, however, diversification is a broad concept, it applies to all asset categories within a portfolio.

Bonds and fixed income funds are essential for you to deal with emergencies, protect your assets and maintain purchasing power, especially in these times of booming IPCA.

That’s why it’s important plan and research the best options, before leaving making contributions.

How to assemble your wallet

I spoke with Luiz Rogé, analyst who leads the series high yield here from Empiricus. He closely follows this segment.

Stressful moments in the market like the current one open up opportunities. In recent weeks, yield curves have shifted upwards.

There are public and private bonds that are already paying double-digit rates per year.

Diversification in the fixed income portion of the portfolio involves the selection of different securities, with varying maturities and returns, according to the needs of each one.

In some cases, the price varies according to the scenario and, therefore, there is also risk in fixed income. This is one of the reasons why diversification is important.

Logically, the longer the time window, the greater the risk, so the composition of the portfolio needs to be well evaluated.

Today, the greatest attention must be paid to assets linked to inflation (rate + index) and to indexed to CDI (% of CDI or CDI + rate).

These are options that protect or seek real gains, given the complex situation.

There are concerns about public accounts, controversial points of tax reform, water crisis and even political issues due to the proximity of the 2022 elections.

It is also possible that inflation will continue at high levels for a long time. To give you an idea, the IPCA-15, which is a preview of the country’s official inflation, increased by 0.89% in August, mainly due to the escalation in the price of gasoline and electricity. In the year, the index accumulates an increase of +5.81% and, in 12 months, of +9.30%.

How much to fixed assets, as the horizon is cloudy and undefined, it is necessary to be cautious. In this modality, a rate is locked and it is very difficult to project what will happen to the Selic and inflation in the coming years.

However, Luiz Rogé says that it may be valid to make a small bet on a fixed-rate bond and, if it works out, it could be a seasoning, the “little pepper” of the portfolio.

real money
According to Rodolfo Amstalden, it is possible that inflation will continue at high levels for a long time (Image: REUTERS/Bruno Domingos)

Fixed Income Week

Precisely to encourage the diversification of investments at that time, Vitreo held the Fixed Income Week, between the 23rd and the 27th, with a special offer each day.

These were Bank Deposit Certificates (CDBs) with excellent returns and a zero rate to invest. For example, bonds paying IPCA +6.21% per year and 145% of the CDI

And more than that, we made a really cool partnership with Vitreo: whoever invested more than R$5,000 throughout the week on the platform won an annual subscription to the series high yield, with reports and recommendations on fixed income assets, as well as access to courses, podcasts and queries.

That’s Industry 3.0 Investments. We combine the expertise of our allocation analysts with the best products – all this with total transparency and no conflict of interest.

But if you missed this event, rest assured. Due to the success and intense demand, the Vitreous decided to extend one of the investment offers until 3 September: a CDB of Banco Master that pays 12.35% per year.

And the brokerage has on its shelf more than 200 private credit fixed income securities from more than 40 issuers, including CDBs, Real Estate Credit Letters (LCIs) and Agribusiness Letters of Credit (LCAs).

Not to mention the range of category funds and Treasury bonds available on the platform.

Learn more about Vitreo’s current offer and other fixed income alternatives on this link.

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