Eduardo Bolsonaro polemics teacher dismissal in Cricíuma (SC)

O deputado federal Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP) postou hoje (29) no Twitter que o município de Criciúma, em Santa Catarina acertou em demitir o professor que exibiu um vídeo de temática LGBTQIA + em sala de aula.

The congressman wrote: “pornographic video in a school in Criciúma. No wonder that Brazil occupies the last positions in PISA (translation of the acronym of the International Student Assessment Program). example for not trying to sexualize children in schools.

The deputy referred to the case of the teacher who showed a series of videos, including the clip “Etérea”, by Criolo, the teenagers aged 14 and 15, in the 9th grade, from Escola Municipal Pascoal Meller, which addresses diversity and was nominated for the Grammy tino in 2019.

Mayor under investigation

The conduct of the mayor of Criciúma, Clésio Salvao (PSDB), who said he “does not tolerate traveling”, will be investigated by the Public Ministry of Santa Catarina (MPSC). The procedure was initiated yesterday and will be in charge of the Attorney of Justice Fred Anderson Vicente, of the 5th Attorney of Justice, working in the area of ​​citizenship and human rights.

The news in fact was opened after a complaint filed by a citizen and after the dissemination of a video of the mayor on social networks, in which he says that he does not accept “travel in the classroom”. In the request, the adoption of measures regarding the politician’s conduct is requested and an assessment of the situation of those responsible for LGBTQIA+ students who suffer disrespect at school.

A criminal representation also arrived at the 2nd Court of the Criciúma Prosecutor’s Office. The document was delivered by councilor Giovana Mondardo (PCdoB) and lawyers from the Human Rights Commission of the municipality’s OAB, and will be sent to the Attorney General’s Office.

The crime news is signed by more than 90 people and institutions, including parliamentarians and cultural groups, LGBTQIA+ and women’s rights collectives and political parties. The request considers the possible crime of homophobia by Mayor Clésio Salvao.