‘Electric Beetle’ is officially unveiled in China; see pictures

While preparing its installation in Brazil, the Great Wall continues to launch a series of new models in China. During the Chengdu Show, which started last weekend, the company made the official presentation of the Now Ballet Cat, the controversial VW Beetle-inspired electric car.

In practice, the Ballet Cat is an updated version of the Ora Punk Cat concept, presented in April at the Shanghai Motor Show, which caused an uproar because of its similarity to the German classic, including statements and threats of lawsuit by Volkswagen. This led to some changes in the concept, which is scheduled for launch and sales start in early 2022 in China.

According to photos from the event, made available by the Chinese website Auto Home, Ballet Cat kept the silhouette and basically the same external elements as the Punk Cat. front plate mounting and a discreet spoiler in the trunk lid.

Developed by the Ora sub-brand, the Ballet Cat or ‘Electrical Beetle’, has not yet had its technical specifications revealed, which should happen in the coming months, with the approach of launching and beginning of sales. Preliminarily, the Chinese press talks about single electric motor and battery configuration for an estimated range in the range of 400 to 500 kilometers on a single charge.

On another front, Great Wall accelerates its project to settle permanently in Brazil. The Chinese giant acquired the Mercedes-Benz factory and estate in Iracemápolis, in the interior of São Paulo, and is preparing to produce pickup trucks and SUVs, especially of the Haval brand, to supply the domestic and foreign market.

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Source: AutoHome