Ex-BBB Flay embarrasses himself on the web for wrong comment. Know which one

A statement by the singer and ex-BBB Flay caused an uproar on the internet. The artist, who is about to release a new work, declared on Twitter this Sunday (29/8), that “for the first time, the northeastern culture is conquering the country”, ignoring great names in music such as Ivete Sangalo, Daniela Mercury , Luiz Gonzaga, Elba Ramalho, Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa, Genival Lacerda and many others.

“Hello, this is the first time that northeastern culture is conquering the whole country, our music has finally enchanted Brazil. Before, we only listened there. Today the talent of northeastern people is being extolled, and I vibrate with each achievement, with the reduction little by little of the prejudice that has always existed, with us, with our accent, with our culture, with our customs, with our much criticized way ”, began Flay.

The woman from Paraíba continued: “New northeastern personalities are exploding every day, we are being more than respected, we are being admired, we are uniting more. And I’ll be there, giving all my support, the necessary impulse that is within my reach, to all the northeastern people who are getting in their faces and shining. I am one of those who still need this support, this union. I didn’t have as much when I needed it the most, but I’m here for whoever needs it”.

Then the ex-BBB received a barrage of negative comments. “You’re right. Gonzagão was from Rio. Elba Ramalho, from Acre. Daniela Mercury? Paulista, man”, joked one internet user.

“Know how to recognize and respect those who came before you! It is not the first time that the northeastern culture is conquering the country, the northeastern culture has already conquered Brazil a long time ago!”, said a follower. “Nobody is inventing the wheel, because while you are coming with the corn, the couscous has been ready for a long time!”, he continued.

“It’s because Zé Ramalho, Alceu and Chico César don’t even exist, right?”, added another. “Woman, help yourself a little. It’s difficult to defend you, think a little before posting things”, declared another internet user. “Honey, have you ever heard about Luiz Gonzaga and the noise he made in the Southeast before you dreamed of being born? Spare me,” said one boy.

Other internet users defended it. “She refers to the current moment in which northeastern culture is being valued simultaneously in its most varied aspects. If you can’t see it, maybe your eyes are already too involved and you don’t realize it”, said a fan, among the various criticisms.


Angry with the repercussion, the ex-BBB20 countered the criticisms: “Twitterers are like that, they ended up with me at BBB20. They threw me so much hate, that if I wasn’t very strong, I would have fallen into depression like some colleagues did. Then, when someone who didn’t get along in there messes up outside, they come and praise me just to throw hate on the other person.”

She continued: “Then Juliette decided to be a singer, a twitterer decided to praise me just to belittle, discredit and diminish Juliette’s talent, the same thing she does to me on a daily basis. I decide to celebrate the viral moment that the Northeast is going through, the twitterer decides to praise our representatives with the sole intention of discrediting us. We are grateful to those who came before us and made history, and that doesn’t mean that we have to bow our heads and that we can’t vibrate for our moment. This is my place of speech as a northeastern artist, respect!”

Then Flay concluded: “Hypocrites, xenophobics and without personality fall asleep and wake up looking for an opportunity to fix a vacuum in order to appear. I don’t lie for any of you, I’m a woman to beat my chest and defend what I believe. Don’t even try to shut my voice up because you’re going to freak out.”