Ex-BBB Mahmoud appears completely naked and tied by ropes on the web

Former BBC and No Limite Mahmoud Baydoun shocked Twitter followers this Sunday (29/8). The psychologist and sexologist shared a daring video on the social network, in which he appears with his penis outside, tied by several ropes and licking his lips. In the caption, he wrote: “Posted and ran away. I’m already cancelled. Good Sunday everyone!”.

It didn’t take long for Mahmoud to receive several messages. Some criticizing, others praising. “It reaches the point of anonymity that anything goes to appear and gain media, right man”, wrote a netizen.


Mahmoud quickly replied: “I don’t need the media, my angel! I earn very, very well selling my sexuality courses”.

Then, he posted photos of the moment and highlighted: “For those who were curious, this was the result of the photo shoot. Kisses, traditional Brazilian family”. “The internet is on fire today”, highlighted another follower.

Ney Matogrosso

Ney Matogrosso also caused a real stir on the web this Sunday. The 80-year-old singer accidentally posted a photo of an erect penis on his Instagram that was supposed to be his, and deleted it minutes later. But it was already too late.

The image does not show the singer’s face, it just showed from his navel down, with his member erect and his pants down. He was lying on a bed.