Faustão’s dancers pay an emotional tribute to the communicator

The dancers who were successful on the stage of the extinct “Domingão do Faustão”, by Rede Globo, paid an emotional tribute to the communicator on the Internet. With a kind of “Confidential Archive”, Fausto Silva’s dancers paid tribute to the presenter through a video made available on social networks, by the communicator’s wife, Luciana Cardoso.

The wife of Band’s new hire posted the tribute on her Instagram profile and wrote: “Thank you for the words“Luciana Cardoso also made a point of mentioning in the publication all the 26 dancers who appeared in the tribute to her husband.

In the video, the dancers extol the qualities of the communicator and highlight their generosity and the lessons they were able to absorb from the animator during the period they worked together. Jaque Ciocci, Nathália Zannin, Thayna Cupertino, Natalia Trevisan, Fran Pimenta, Carol Miarelli and Nathália Ramos are some of the dancers who appear in the tribute.

Daiane de Paula was one of the collaborators who paid homage to Silva. The dancer joined the ballet of Domingão do Faustão in 2016, after two years in Globo’s attraction, became a Reporter for the Galera, and also started to carry out commercial actions for the program. In 2019, Daiane was promoted again to become the attraction’s stage assistant.

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In her testimony, Daiane revealed that it was Fausto Silva who influenced her to undergo an exam that saved her life: “If I’m here talking to you [Faustão] today it’s thanks to you, who told me to take a heart test. I went there to do it, I operated and I am here alive and in good health. Just to summarize”, thanked Daiane.

In the month of June, after Fausto Silva left Globo, around 19 dancers who were part of the dancers in the Sunday attraction were placed in the refrigerator of the Rio station. Only 8 who were already cast as teachers of the “Super Dance of the Famous” remained regularly appearing in the attraction presented by Tiago Leifert.

“Domingão com Huck”, which opens on September 5th, will not have dancers. Fausto Silva debuts in January 2022 in Band. According to information from CONTIGO! magazine, Fausto Silva invited some dancers to be part of his new program at Bandeirantes.

“I was surprised, it was a mixture of feelings. It gives my stomach butterflies because everything is new and I have no idea of ​​how it will be, the program will arrive with a new face, it will be challenging. Now it’s a new house, starting from scratch”, said one of the guest dancers, who chose not to identify herself in an interview with the magazine.

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