Felipão quotes Grêmio statistics with Ricardo Marques Ribeiro blowing the whistle: ‘Estranho’

Grêmio’s loss to Corinthians angered coach Luis Felipe Scolari, who raised suspicions about the match’s referee, Ricardo Marques Ribeiro. After the game, the experienced coach cited the club’s statistics with the professional on the whistle to support his thesis.

Felipão stated that the numbers of the Tricolor games from Rio Grande do Sul are ‘strange’ when the referee is working. As pointed out by the coach, in 34 games for the Porto Alegre team under the refereeing of Ricardo Marques, there were only five victories.

There are 34 Grêmio matches that this referee whistled. There are 5 Grêmio victories. And there are 16 or 17 defeats. Have all these games been that bad? Strange. But Corinthians did their job, won, and congratulations. We are not going to contest Corinthians’ victory”

“We objected because he didn’t give Rafinha the penalty. Rafinha was shamefully pushed into the area. Whether he was participating in the bid or not doesn’t mean anything. Neither did VAR. Strange for me, very strange,” added Felipão to the question the goal scored by Jô, the victory of the team from São Paulo.