FGTS profit in your account until August 31st; know how to consult

THE Federal Savings Bank began to distribute the income from the Employment Compensation Fund (FGTS) obtained in 2020 among workers. The amount is R$8.12 billion, equivalent to 96% of the accumulated income, R$8.47 billion.

Deposits are being made to both active and inactive accounts. The requirement is that until December 31, 2020, the worker had a positive balance in his/her Guarantee Fund accounts.

In this sense, it is worth stating that the number of accounts for transfers will be greater than the number of quota workers, since two or more accounts can be held by a single citizen.

How to consult the FGTS profit?

To find out the amount deposited by the institution in the accounts of the FGTS, the worker must consult the statement. This procedure can be performed through the FGTS application, Caixa’s official website or Internet Banking, specific for bank account holders.

Regarding the withdrawal of the FGTS profit, the deposited amount can only be withdrawn in specific situations, established by law. In this way, the money will only be released in case of unfair dismissal, retirement, serious illness or home purchase, among other possibilities.

5 ways to withdraw the FGTS in 2021

The Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) is a savings account created in the name of the registered worker. On a monthly basis, the employer must deposit an amount equivalent to 8% of their employees’ salary in their accounts at the Fund. The amounts credited earn over time, generating a greater value for the redemption.

However, for these funds to be released, workers must be in a condition that allows them to make withdrawals. These situations are legally determined by the FGTS. Here are five ways to redeem balances in 2021.

FGTS birthday withdrawal

The birthday withdrawal is a form of FGTS redemption that releases a portion of the balance available in the worker’s fund accounts in the month of his/her birthday. As the means of payment is not mandatory, the interested party must adhere to it.

However, like any measure, the birthday loot has its own conditions. The citizen who opts for this modality automatically loses the right to the full withdrawal of the FGTS in the event of unfair dismissal, with only a 40% termination fine being made available on the balance accumulated in the terminated employment contract.

Therefore, if the worker who joined the modality regrets the decision, he/she may still return to the traditional withdrawal of the FGTS, however, only about two years later, specifically 25 months.

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FGTS withdrawal withdrawal

Withdrawal-termination is also an option for withdrawing from the FGTS, it allows the full redemption of the fund’s values, but for that, the worker must be dismissed without just cause. In addition, he will be entitled to receive a 40% termination fine on the FGTS.

FGTS withdrawal due to retirement

As soon as the worker retires, he is entitled to the full withdrawal of the FGTS. However, for this measure to be actually contemplated, the retired person needs to pay attention to some rules.

If the newly retired citizen remains working at the same company, he/she can withdraw the entire FGTS, in addition to receiving the monthly balances from the Guarantee Fund, which will be collected according to the working time.

On the other hand, if the retiree starts working at another company, he will be entitled to the full FGTS only in case of dismissal for just cause, thus returning to the traditional criteria for releasing the fund.

Withdrawal of FGTS due to illness

According to FGTS regulations, workers can also withdraw their balances in full in case of serious illness. But it is noteworthy that there are three, making the redemption available for both the holder and the dependent. See below:

  • When the worker or dependent is diagnosed with cancer (malignant neoplasm);
  • When the worker or dependent is a carrier of the HIV virus (Aids);
  • When the worker or dependent is in a terminal stage, due to a serious illness.

Withdrawal from FGTS to purchase property

Finally, the worker can also use the FGTS balance to purchase a property, whether for construction, financing or payment by amortization of installments. However, there are still some rules for the balance to be used. Check out:

  • Have at least 3 years of registration in the portfolio, being or are consecutive;
  • You can enter the financing, depending on the financial institution;
  • You must live or work in the same city or in the same Metropolitan Region where you will buy the new property;
  • Cannot be the holder of a loan in the Brazilian Housing System (SFH);
  • You cannot own a property in the same city where you want to finance the new property;
  • The property must be located in an urban area;
  • The property must be worth up to R$1.5 million; and
  • The good cannot have been purchased or paid off by the seller using the FGTS balance over a period of 3 years.

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