Find out who the participants of The Farm 13 are

On September 14th, Record TV will release the thirteenth season of The farm which will be commanded by Adriane Galisteu after the resignation of Marcos Mion earlier this year.

One of the curiosities that surround these reality shows are the amounts that television networks pay for artists to participate in their projects. To unravel this, the column found that the Barra Funda broadcaster will pay between 60 and 90 thousand reais for each farmer. This value fluctuates due to the artist’s popularity.

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Before entering the program, the pawn receives half of this amount; and, after its elimination, it receives the rest. But if you give up on the project during the ‘course’, the participant has to return this money to Record TV. This same scheme happens with the members of the Power Couple Brazil and Island Record.

Adriane Galisteu presents A Fazenda 13 (Official Reproduction/Twitter)

The column found that Adriane Galisteu signed a three-year contract with Record TV to be part of the talent cast of the Barra Funda broadcaster. Thus, the blonde is guaranteed in the next editions of A Fazenda.

The farmers of the next edition of Record TV’s rural reality show are:

*Solange Gomes

* Little Mussun

*Mileide Mihaile

*Liziane Gutierrez

*Guy Araújo

*Tati Breaks Shack

*Erasmus Viana

*Fernanda Medrado


*James Silva


*Dynho Alves

*Dayane Mello

*Márcia Fellipe

*Nego do Borel,

*Victor Pecoraro

*Erika Schneider

*Aline Mineiro

* Rich Melquiades

*Valentina Francavilla

As anticipated, the participants of The Farm 13 they will be confined to a hotel in Embu das Artes, in greater São Paulo, starting next Friday, September 3rd. This confinement in question is related to Covid-19 prevention protocols.