First Saturday of Operation Summer in Rio has reinforced policing and fewer bathers on beaches | Rio de Janeiro

The shore of Rio de Janeiro was occupied by a large number of police and security agents this Saturday (28), the date that marked the beginning of Operation Summer.

The reinforcement in the patrol was anticipated due to the events registered last Sunday (22) when leaving the beach. Focuses of crowding, confusion and vandalism scenes were observed mainly in Copacabana, South Zone of Rio.

However, on the first day of the operation, few bathers were in the sands of Rio de Janeiro, largely due to the drop in temperature and the cloudy day.

In all, 170 municipal guards, 500 Military police officers occupied the edge of the Rio de Janeiro capital. The security apparatus also had 80 monitoring cameras, a helicopter it is a drone of the PM.

The operation distributed patrols from Leme, in the South Zone, to Pontal in the West Zone.

According to the Secretariat of Public Order of Rio, other beaches, such as Flamengo, Botafogo and Urca, will also be reinforced over the next weekends, as well as the shores of Niterói and coastal cities in the interior of the state.

“We noticed an increase in the flow of people on the beaches last weekend. Based on this, we strengthened patrols with more effective Municipal Guards on the shore, in the vicinity of the beach, and also intensified the interlocution of the Military Police, now with a new command from that corporation, precisely so that these integrated forces can bring security and tranquility to the people who come to the beaches, to the residents of this region, to tourists, so that people can have tranquility and security around here,” said Secretary Brenno Carnevale.

VIDEO: people walk on the roofs of buses and enter through windows in Copacabana

VIDEO: people walk on the roofs of buses and enter through windows in Copacabana

The representative of the municipal government explained that the number of police officers can even vary, but the idea is to keep the operation every day of the week.

For tourists and locals, Operation Summer was approved this Saturday. Even on a day with little movement, the feeling of security pleased everyone.

“This week, when I returned, especially today, full of police. A lot of cars, a lot of motorcycles. I felt strange. Something was happening”, the engineer Juliana Franco was startled.

“The postcard of Rio is the joy of our people, unfortunately violence takes away the joy of our people. With the beach well policed, guarded, the police present, it increases the sense of security”, completed the driver Antônio.

The Municipal Public Order Secretariat reported that in the first three days of Operation Summer, three people were arrested in 43 approaches carried out.

The agents also applied sanitary fines and for traffic violations. They also seized products sold without authorization by street vendors in the southern and western parts of the city.