Fiuk says he wants to review after after bullshit on the reality show

What happened at “BBB 21” stays at “BBB 21!! That’s how Fiuk, 30, and Arthur Picoli, 27, have acted after some disagreements experienced within Rede Globo’s reality show. brothers intend to meet again soon to catch up.

Through stories on Instagram, Fiuk opened the famous question and answer box to talk to his fans. A follower then questioned whether he intends to meet Arthur after the raids on the confinement.

Fiuk and Arthur exchange messages on social networks - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Fiuk and Arthur exchange messages on social media

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

The son of Fábio Jr., then, shared photos with the crossfit instructor inside the most guarded house in Brazil and declared that he does have the desire to see him again.

“Uhum. We fight, but we like each other”, wrote the singer.

Arthur shared the message on his Instagram profile with the message “we’re together, Kuif” and the song “Amor Perfeito” by Babado Novo.

Ups and downs relationship

Fiuk and Arthur Picoli had a relationship of many ups and downs within “Big Brother Brasil 21”. From opposite sides in the game, which was worth the R$ 1.5 million prize, both exchanged votes during much of the game and even had an argument that almost ended in a fight in a live game.

During a dynamic of “Game of Discord”, Fiuk pointed Arthur as “worst player” and someone who does “dirty game” within the reality.

It’s a person who lies, who pretends, who was inconsistent at various times and changed according to the people who left here […] It was a guy who hurt me for free from the start, he didn’t want to talk to me, turned his face to me, if it were up to him he wouldn’t talk to me since the beginning of the game.

Arthur rebelled and cursed Fiuk live on Rede Globo: “Cuzã*”, fired the crossfit instructor.

Angry, Fiuk asked what Arthur had said and the two got up and started an argument. It was necessary for Caio Afiune to position himself between the pair and João Luiz to hold Fábio Júnior’s son.

“Coward, bro,” criticized Fiuk.

BBB 21: Fiuk and Arthur fight in dynamics - Playback/Globoplay - Playback/Globoplay

BBB 21: Fiuk and Arthur fight in dynamics

Image: Playback/Globoplay