Flamengo sees clear way for David Luiz after Benfica gives up the deal for the defender

Marked by twists and turns for several weeks, the possible arrival of David Luiz to Flamengo may be closer to happening. According to information published this Monday (30) by the newspaper record, from Portugal, the Benfica left the way clear for a match between the Red-Negro and the defender.

Main competitor of the club from Gávea in the dispute to have the defender, the directors of the Portuguese team decided that they will not hire the player. And the reason is mainly financial.

According to the newspaper, Benfica is not willing to pay the salaries intended by David Luiz, which would be around 3 million euros (about R$ 18.5 million) per season. The value is considered outside the current reality of the Portuguese team.

The hiring of the Brazilian, who worked at the club between 2007 and 2011, was a private request from Jorge Jesus, who wanted to rely on the experience of the defender to compete in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. With the end of the transfer window in Europe, however, the coach may not receive any other defenders.

Target of great excitement by fans on social networks, David Luiz has been treated with extreme caution by the red-black board. Last week Flamengo’s vice president of football, Marcos Braz, tried to cool off the rumors surrounding the player, who has been without a club since leaving the Arsenal, in January.

“It’s unlikely,” said the manager, who avoided confirming the search for other players for the defense, just at the moment when names like Maicon and Jemerson reverberated as targets the club.

“Flamengo will not speak openly what it seeks, it has never spoken. Flamengo confirms some facts and information within this hiring process, but in this case it has nothing to confirm. Also because I’m not going to talk about position, at the right time I’ll confirm, but I won’t confirm the positions Flamengo is behind”.

“If I answer, for example in the case of these two, it is clear that I would be looking for a player for the defense. Flamengo won’t talk about suppositions and won’t confirm any position”.