Fluminense x Bahia: Probable escalations, arbitration, embezzlement and more

Dangerously close to the relegation zone, Fluminense tries to catch up with the victories in the Brazilian Championship this Monday. At 7pm, he receives Bahia, at Maracanã, for the 18th round of the competition. With 18 points (in 16 games), Tricolor is in 16th place. The opponent adds the same 18 and is 15th. A win makes the Flu jump to 13th position).

In search of his first victory since taking over the command of Fluminense (in place of the fired Roger Machado), coach Marcão will not count, in addition to the absences due to injury, with the suspended Luiz Henrique and Abel Hernández. The second would be a reserve of course. In place of the first, newcomer Jhon Arias and Gabriel Teixeira compete for the position.

Bahia will have the debut of coach Diego Dabove (replacing the fired Dado Cavalcante). It is possible that it promotes changes in the starting lineup.

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Local: Maracana, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Date/time: 08/30/2021 (from Brasilia)
Arbitration: Edina Alves Batista (Fifa-SP), assisted by Neuza Ines Back (Fifa-SP) and Leila Naiara Moreira da Cruz (Fifa-DF)
Streaming: Premiere
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FLUMINSE: Marcos Felipe, Samuel Xavier, Nino, Luccas Claro and Egidio; André, Martinelli and Yago; Gabriel Teixeira (Jhon Arias), Lucca and Fred. Technician: Bookmark.

Embezzlement: Hudson, Ganso and Caio Paulista, injured; Luiz Henrique and Abel Hernández, suspended.

Hanging: Fred and Martinelli.

BAHIA: Matheus Teixeira, Nino Paraíba, Conti, Luiz Otávio and Matheus Bahia (Juninho Capixaba); Patrick de Lucca, Daniel and Mugni; Rodriguinho, Rossi and Gilberto. Technician: Diego Dabove.

Embezzlement: Indio Ramírez, Thonny Anderson, Ronaldo and Danilo Fernandes, injured.

Hanging: Gilberto, Matheus Galdezani, Matheus Bahia and Matheus Teixeira.