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Equals in the table and threatened by the relegation zone, Fluminense and Bahia face off under pressure in the 18th round of the Brazilian championship, this Monday night, at 7 pm (GMT) at Maracanã, which reopens after 18 days closed for a change of lawn. The two teams have 18 points in the classification, but the Bahians, in 15th place, are ahead of the Cariocas, 16th placed, for having one more victory in the tiebreaker criteria (5 to 4).

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Fluminense hasn’t won for six games and comes from three draws and three defeats, with the right to elimination in the Libertadores and a setback at home to Atlético-MG in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil. Amidst the negative sequence, the club fired coach Roger Machado and made assistant Marcão, who is seeking his first victory in his third commitment ahead of the team, in the position.

​Without winning for seven games in Serie A, Bahia debuts coach Diego Dabove tonight. It is the club’s newest hope to rescue the performances from the beginning of the competition and win. The expectation is to already see some of the coach’s ideas, who had the week off to work and watch the squad.

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Lédio Carmona analyzes Fluminense x Bahia for the 18th round of the Brasileirão

Lédio Carmona analyzes Fluminense x Bahia for the 18th round of the Brasileirão

In history, this will be the 68th match between the two teams, considering official and friendly matches. Fluminense has the advantage in the confrontation with 32 wins against 13 of Bahia and 22 draws.

Fluminense – Technician: Marcao

After a draw and a defeat against the leader Atlético-MG, Marcão seeks his first victory in his third spell as a permanent coach at the club. But you have to keep dealing with embezzlement. In addition to the athletes who are still in the medical department, Luiz Henrique and Abel Hernández received their third yellow card and are suspended. The tendency is for the coach to repeat the team, with Gabriel Teixeira or newcomer Jhon Arias in Luiz Henrique’s vacancy.

Probable lineup: Marcos Felipe; Samuel Xavier, Nino, Luccas Claro and Egidio; André, Martinelli and Yago; Gabriel Teixeira (Arias), Lucca and Fred.

Probable squad of Fluminense against Bahia — Photo: ge

  • Who is out: Hudson (right knee), Ganso (right forearm), Caio Paulista (right thigh), Luiz Henrique (suspended) and Anel Hernández (suspended).
  • Hanging: Fred and Martinelli.

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Bahia – Technician: Diego Dabove

Dabove had six training sessions until his debut. In addition to working on the field, the coach also took advantage of the period to observe players from the aspiring team, including going to a game in Feira de Santana. Therefore, the expectation is for news in the starting lineup that will go into the field soon, at least in the reserve bank.

The probable Bahia for this Monday has: Matheus Teixeira, Nino Paraíba, Conti, Luiz Otávio and Matheus Bahia [Juninho Capixaba]; Patrick de Lucca, Daniel and Mugni; Rodriguinho, Rossi and Gilberto.

Bahia squad to face Fluminense — Photo: ge

  • Who is out: Indio Ramírez, Thonny Anderson, Ronaldo and Danilo Fernandes (injury).
  • Hanging: Gilberto, Matheus Galdezani, Matheus Bahia and Matheus Teixeira.

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Edina Alves Batista will referee the game at Maracanã — Photo: Getty Images

Arbitration – Fluminense x Bahia

arbiterEdina Alves BatistaSP
Assistant Arbitrator 1Neuza Ines BackSP
Assistant Arbitrator 2Leila Naiara Moreira da CruzDF
Fourth ArbitratorGrazianni Maciel RochaRJ
Video ArbitratorOberto da Silva SantosPB