Ford Maverick pickup confirmed for 2022 in Brazil

After much anticipation, Ford Maverick is finally confirmed for the Brazilian market. Daniel Justo, the manufacturer’s new president for Brazil and Latin America, spoke with Folha de São Paulo and revealed that the pickup will arrive in the country in 2022, although there is still no set date for when it will be in the dealerships. And the executive promises more releases in the future and how he wants to position himself as a strong brand in the pickup truck segment.

Asked by Folha de São Paulo about the company’s situation in the country and as many believe that the manufacturer will definitely leave Brazil, Justo went straight and spoke about the releases that we will see soon. He recalled that the van Transit is starting to be made in Uruguay and will land here soon; investments in Argentina for the new generation of Ranger, continuing the career of the mid-size pickup throughout the region; and finally confirmed that Maverick will come from Mexico.

“I think Maverick will have an audience very interested in the technology, the dimensions of the product and the way of driving. We’ve already run tests here and everyone was extremely impressed with the product’s capability.”

Soon after, Justo talks about the launch of Maverick, confirming that we will see the truck here next year. However, it does not say whether the debut will take place in the 1st or 2nd semester, saying that the exact moment has not yet been defined. The reason would be the high demand for the pickup in the United States, where it already has more than 100,000 reservations, which forces the manufacturer to wait until North American customers are served and then reserve lots for other regions.

There is still a mystery about the arrival of the hybrid version. Folha even asked about the arrival of hybrids and electrics, but Justo declined to discuss which model will be launched, revealing only that he has many options among several of the company’s cars – such as Escape Hybrid or Mustang Mach-E. The only certainty is that we will see electrified models in the future.

Despite having the same name as the coupe that became famous in Brazil, the new Ford Maverick is a pickup truck with a size close to that of Fiat Toro, measuring 5.07 meters in length, 1.84 m in width, 1.74 m in height and with a wheelbase of 3.07 m. The Fiat model is 4.94 m long and has a 2.99 m wheelbase. Maverick was made to be an option below Ranger, in a segment virtually non-existent in the US (the other option is the recently launched Hyundai Santa Cruz).

It will be sold in the US with two powertrain options. The cheaper models use the 2.5 193 hp hybrid, the same set as the Escape Hybrid, with which it shares a platform. Ford claims that it will have an output of 17 km/liter in the city and a range of 805 km. The other choice is the 2.0 EcoBoost turbo with 253 hp and 38.3 kgfm, always with an 8-speed automatic transmission and which can adopt an all-wheel drive system not available for the hybrid variant.

It remains to be seen what will be the positioning of Ford Maverick upon arriving in Brazil. In the US, it is the manufacturer’s cheapest vehicle, starting at US$19,995 (R$104,405), stealing the position that used to be EcoSport, which has become more expensive and now costs US$20,395 (R$106,494). As it comes from Mexico, the truck won’t have to pay some taxes and, if the hybrid version comes, it would have even more exemptions. Justo’s speech comments on the vehicle’s technology and, as the executive says that we will see hybrids and electrics around here, it makes sense to see Maverick as a hybrid in the country, mainly because it is a differential in relation to its rivals.

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