Former BBC and Duda Reis lawyer celebrate decision in Nego do Borel case

Gizelly Bicalho became nationally known on the “BBB 20” and took advantage of the program’s visibility to delve even deeper into her area of ​​interest: law. Along with lawyers Izabella Borges and Bruna Borges, she launched the course “Sentinels: Empowering Women”, taking advantage of the 15 years of the Maria da Penha Law.

The idea is to raise more and more people’s awareness about violence against women, a topic that she also deals with in her work as a lawyer for Duda Reis who, earlier this year, accused her ex-boyfriend Nego do Borel of assault and rape.

Duda’s case was one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

says Gizelly, chatting with the newspaper “Extra”

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Duda Reis and Nego do Borel: relationship ended with serious accusations

Image: Reproduction/Instagram @dudareisb

The lawyer and ex-BBB also celebrates the court’s decision to reject Nego do Borel’s criminal complaint against Duda. “It’s a decision in Duda’s case where all the women won. We all win with that. Why when a man accused of such crimes as he does, he files a criminal complaint against the woman, it’s a way for him to shut up, to silence the woman. We can’t stand being silenced anymore,” he points out.

Gizelly also recalls that the exposure at “BBB” had its negative charge, including even death threats. “They’ve already wanted me to be raped. It’s gone from all levels. This is a criminal thing. This is a crime. There’s a legal provision, punishment. And the person with a fake profile can rest assured that eventually the subpoena will arrive at your house. There is a police station specializing in this type of crime. If you, who are reading this, like to commit this type of crime, it is better to stop, because the internet is not a land without law,” he warns.