Former Cauã Reymond, Alinne Moraes surprises with a comment on the actor’s photo

Cauã Reymond
Alinne Moraes and Cauã Reymond dated for three years (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Ex-girlfriend of Cauã Reymond, Alinne Moraes caught attention by making a fun comment on a photo posted by the actor on Instagram.

In the record, the heartthrob appears shirtless, in front of the mirror, while showing off his healed body. “Without air / With air”, captioned the famous.

Seeing the click, Alinne fired off a joke. “Which app?“, commented the actress, mentioning some application that Cauã would have used to appear like this in the record.

Afterwards, the fans had fun. “I just want to know this so I can start using it too”, joked a follower. “Give me this app, Cauã, I need it. Nobody wants me“joked another.

For those who don’t know, Reymond and Moraes had a relationship between 2002 and 2005. Now, with a good relationship, the two will share the scene in Um Lugar ao Sol. will play the twins Christian and Renato, one poor and the other rich, respectively.

Separated at birth, the two will have completely different personalities and journeys. Raised by a family with a lot of money, Renato will have problems with alcohol and drugs and will maintain a problematic relationship with the character of Alinne Moraes.

In a recent interview with the newspaper Extra, Cauã spoke about how the recordings with his ex-girlfriend have been: “It’s been great meeting Alinne again. I have a lot of admiration for her work as an actress and for the beautiful career she has followed”.

“We had already worked together on Tim Maia, a feature film directed by Mauro Lima in 2013. Um Lugar ao Sol is a current soap opera, with very rich characters and a fantastic cast. We are very excited to resume recording”, completed.

Alinne Moraes also spoke about the feeling of working with her ex-boyfriend. “Relationships have to end with respect and love. Ours was like that. We had the same manager, many mutual friends, so we kept seeing each other. But we met again even when we worked together on the movie Tim Maia, directed by my husband”, he remembered.

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