Fortaleza closes with a defender, but the deal is not concluded: “The club did not want to give up”, laments the manager

The board of strength keep an eye out for the ball market to qualify the cast of coach Juan Pablo Vojvoda. After midfielder Lucas Lima, ex-Palmeiras, the Lion of Pici can announce new reinforcements in the next days. Still within the window of international transfers, which closes on Monday (30), the club reached forward a contract, but the business was not completed.

During the participation in the program As Frias do Sérgio, on the radio station “O Povo CBN”, the football executive from Fortaleza, Sérgio Papellin, revealed that a defender, which operates abroad and had no name revealed, was very close to being confirmed as a backup. The contract, however, was not completed.

We’re practically already closed with a defender who would come from abroad, but the club (in which the athlete is) was reluctant (to release), he have a contract until the end of the year there, the club did not want to give up inside the window, then, practically ‘died’; deadline ends now at the end of the month, player coming from abroad is practically out of the question at Fortaleza“he lamented.

Lucas Lima: presented and already regularized at the IDB (PHOTO: KARIM GEORGES/FORTALEZA EC/DIVULGAÇÃO)

Lucas Lima: presented and already regularized at the IDB (PHOTO: KARIM GEORGES/FORTALEZA EC/DIVULGAÇÃO)

According to the report of “O Povo”, Fortaleza may close a pre contract with the player to 2022. However, if the player succeeds termination contract this Monday, you can close with the club itself. outside window period. While signings from abroad were far away, the board analyzes other possibilities.

About hiring, we are open. Until 9 September (10, actually) you need to register the 50 players and until the day 24 he can replace eight of the 50, to finish the Brazilian. We are working on some names from the national market and in this CIFEC has helped us a lot, there have been some opportunities. Until next week we can have the news of a player coming to Fortaleza“said Papellin.