Friends hold a prayer chain for the health of a wounded woman trying to save her daughter in Três Barras

Sônia Lemes da Silva is admitted to the Hospital Santa Cruz ICU

Sônia Lemes da Silva’s relatives and friends are making a prayer chain on social media asking for her health. Sonia has been hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Hospital Santa Cruz de Canoinhas (HSCC) since Wednesday, 25, when she was wounded with two deep cuts on her stomach – one of five and the other of ten centimeters – by her former son-in-law , Carlos Alberto Becker Ribeiro, 32 years old. Ribeiro killed his daughter, 23-year-old Thais Correa Lemes da Silva. Sonia was injured while trying to save her daughter. Ribeiro was subsequently killed by Thais’ brother.

“Today I come to ask everyone, to help us make a prayer chain, for our friend Sonia Corrêa, regardless of her religion, for her recovery: Lord my God, it is wonderful Father, I come into your presence at this moment to put the life of Sonia in your hands. Lord, the family is a precious asset that we have and that is why I care for its well-being. Pour your blessings and healing over her life, may all the evil that tries to rise up against her life, be rebuked in the name of Jesus Christ! Lord enter that ICU and restore your health! I believe you are the God of Miracles”, published a friend of Sonia’s.

“Hooo my beautiful you can’t imagine how much I’m suffering with all this that’s happening to you, but I know you’re warrior and strong and you’ll get over it and soon come home to your family and to us your friends . I love you so much my friend”, posted another internet user.

Sonia underwent surgery and is recovering.