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Gabigol and PapatinhoDisclosure

Published 08/29/2021 09:29 AM

The biggest spectacle in South American football is the Libertadores final. And it was there that Gabriel Barbosa and Papatinho gave a show – one giving the title to Flamengo and the other when performing for millions of fans in 2019. Since that time, the two have been friends and have met frequently at Papatunes, a studio created by beatmaker. And between these visits by the player, the ace also discovered himself in music. With the alias of Lil Gabi, he debuts his new career with ‘Sei Lá’, a track composed by him and Choji, a singer who was #1 viral in Brazil and also top 20 on the global viral chart with “Meu Lado da História”. The single will be released on all digital platforms this Monday, the 30th, at noon and with a clip at 1pm on the Papatunes YouTube channel.

Choji already had most of the music composed when Gabriel heard it and fell in love. There, Papatinho saw the opportunity to produce it, as the player had already shown interest in exploring his artistic side. Papato comments on this episode: “Gabriel, now Lil Gabi, knows everything about trap, follows the scene and had already said that at some point he would like to try singing. Things flowed naturally. I remembered Choji’s composition and guided Gabi. Due to his familiarity with the genre, he managed to do well and the result was amazing.”

‘Sei Lá’ speaks of an unpretentious lifestyle, of a person who likes to enjoy life. Choji comments on his inspiration to compose: “The idea for this song came from my experiences that I gathered in a lyric and passed as if everything happened in a night in a club.”

And about her first song released, Lil Gabi adds: “I already had this idea in my head, to create a song, to be able to participate in a recording. It’s something that catches my attention, I really like this creative process and I believe it will be a very wild sound, the guys will get tied up.”