Gas Consultoria says WhatsApp of arrested leader was hacked

The leadership of Gas Consulting published a statement stating that Glaidson dos Santos’ WhatsApp was hacked.

Last week, the company was the target of Operation Kriptos, which ended up with the seizure of millions, as well as luxury cars and real estate of the main suspects.

During the action, the main target of the authorities was Glaidson dos Santos, a former waiter appointed as the leader of the possible financial pyramid scheme. His arrest was carried out in a luxury house in the capital of Rio de Janeiro, and maintained after a custody hearing.

Millions of Gas Consultoria being counted in a stock company
Millions of Gas Consultoria being counted in a securities company / PF Disclosure

He is singled out for being the “head” of one of the biggest Bitcoin-branded schemes in the Lakes Region, which has a task force investigating the performance of ten companies, all involved in investment scams with promises of fixed market returns .

This region gained prominence after two consecutive editions of Fantástico pointed out that the region was filled with pyramids, which were even committing crimes against each other. The repercussion was greater after the murder of the “King of Pullback”, who was shot dead in a Porsche in early August.

WhatsApp by leader of Gas Consultoria was hacked, says company

After the seizure of millions of Glaidson dos Santos, electronic items and more, Gas Consultoria’s press office now informed clients that his WhatApp had been hacked.

The case happened last Saturday (28), when when trying to get in touch with Glaidson, some people realized that the responses received were confused.

According to a communication from Gas Consultoria, clients received requests to transfer money and even cryptocurrencies, indicating that the number was violated, but without going into much detail.

Gladson's Whatsapp responds after being arrested.  Company says it's a hacker.
Gladson’s Whatsapp responds after being arrested. Company says it’s a hacker.

“Dear, this Saturday morning (08/28) we identified the hacker attack on the cell phone of the
our CEO, Glaidson. As far as we know, criminals have broken Whatsapp to send several messages asking, on behalf of the CEO of GAS Consultoria, to transfer money and cryptocurrencies to a specific account of unknown property”.

The press office of Gas Consultoria asks customers to disregard the messages and informed that they are seeking to block these actions. This note from the company GAS Consultoria can be read in full here.

GAS Communiqué
GAS Communiqué

The case shows that, in addition to the alleged scam applied against clients, who returned to make a march on Saturday, after the event last Friday (27), people seeking explanations for the case are still subject to falling into other scams associated with the case.

Livecoins contacted the Federal Police of Rio de Janeiro to comment on whether it is true that Glaidson’s WhatsApp was hacked, but did not get a return until the end of this article.

Operation Kriptos Report released by the Federal Police

According to the Federal Police, 15 search and seizure warrants were carried out against Gas Consultoria suspects. 5 people were arrested, 3 in Rio de Janeiro and 2 more in São Paulo.

In addition, 591 Bitcoins were seized, which will be available to the courts for possible attachment and reimbursement of customers. In cash, approximately R$ 14 million and another 100 in pounds sterling were seized, but other amounts in foreign currencies are still being calculated.

High-value watches, jewelry, cell phones and more electronics were also seized in the operation. It is noteworthy that 21 luxury cars were taken by the authorities, who found these goods with the suspects. In a statement, the PF declared that this could be the biggest seizure of cryptocurrencies ever made in Brazil.

“Everything indicates that this will be the biggest seizure of cryptocurrencies and values, in kind, together, of the Federal Police”.