Giovanna Ewbank breaks the web with enchanting photos of Zyan

The actress Giovanna Ewbank (Image: Reproduction/Instagram)

A beyond cute publication by the actress and presenter Giovanna Ewbank stole the show on social media. The famous updated Instagram in the late afternoon of this Thursday (26) to publish a photo in which she appears with Zyan, her son, born of marriage with Bruno Gagliasso.

In the click, which was apparently made in sunlight, it is possible to see Zyan’s pale eyes. “Grudinho tanadinho”, joked Giovanna in the caption of the post, which received more than 640 thousand likes in a few hours. In the comments, of course, fans and friends commented and left affectionate messages. Gagliasso himself left a series of heart emojis.

See photos of Giovanna Ewbank on the networks:


A few months ago, Giovanna Ewbank posted a flashy video recently on her YouTube channel. In the images, the famous woman answered questions from fans and said that Titi likes to record with her a lot. The famous explains, however, that the relationship between Bless and the channel is very different.

“All Titi wants most in life is to have a picture on her channel. Bless is not much in the way. Sometimes he wants to, sometimes he doesn’t. So let’s set him free. We’re like: ‘Let’s record, son?’ And he: ‘Am I going to make money?’”

Finally, she shared trivia about her son, Zyan. “The name Zayn is an Arabic name. We have friends from Malawi, a family, who have a son named Zayn. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world! They are Arabs. This family helped us a lot in both processes, Titi and Bless, in Malawi”, he concluded.


Also recently, Giovanna went to the networks to reveal to fans that she decided to move to Portugal with her children. The muse said that the decision served to bring the family closer to Bruno Gagliasso, who spent a period in Spain on business.

Our new home! Yes, my loves, it’s true! We moved our suitcase and gourd to Portugal. We were already a few months away from Bruno and missing him so much! He’s in Madrid recording until September and now we can get closer to Dad. I have always been in love with Portugal and the fact that the pandemic is more under control here helped us a lot in this decision. Now we are just an hour away and much happier!”.

Thiago Freitas

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