Glenda Kozlowski responds to Tiago Leifert after being quoted by her ‘replacement’ on Globo

Former presenter of “Globo Esporte” Tiago Leifert, who migrated to the entertainment area of ​​Globo and had been replacing Fausto Silva, after leaving the station, was thrilled to close the cycle in the program that will take the place of “Domingão com Huck” next week. Leifert recalled that he has already taken the place of big names in the house and made a point of listing them.

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– In my career, I had to replace Glenda (Kozlowski), Léo Baptista, Tino Marcos, (Pedro) Bial and Faustão… I don’t know if I laugh or if I cry. And it was all better and more special because of you, the team. It was very easy, I swear. I thought it was going to be so hard, but you guys made it look easy. I just got here and had fun like you guys too,” Leifert said.

Quoted by name, Glenda shared Tiago’s speech on Instagram and sent a message to her friend.

– He was great from the first day I met him. An honor to be on your list! Laughter. You are pure love for what you do. Skin-deep emotion. Every time I see you in the air I’m even happier because “that” child… stays with you!! The same old Titi, only even more brilliant!! Miss James Leifert. A phenomenal dear friend. Thank you for the affection. We’ve always been a team, you’re right! Crazy in love – said the presenter of the Band.

Glenda left Globo in 2019, when I was already part of SporTV programs and no longer commanded Esporte Espetacular, and it was hired by Band almost a year later.