Grazi Massafera talks about harassment of married producer in soap opera and criticizes Bolsonaro

Studying racism and feminism at the invitation of her colleague Taís Araújo, actress Grazi Massafera told O Globo in an interview about having suffered harassment in her career, including in one of the network’s soap operas when “a married producer on the team hit on me”, revealed without going into details about the case.

“There was a professional moment when I was in a soap opera, and there was a married producer on the team who hit on me. I made it clear that “no”. And from then on, he started belittling me, boycotting and mistreating me when it came to character issues. I didn’t have any feedback from him anymore, and everything was becoming very difficult. I was still maturing as an actress, in need of help, but I had the misfortune to deal with these types of people”, she said.

Then Grazi revealed the reasons for the criticism of Jair Bolsonaro on social media.

“I do not support a government that does not value issues of humanity or go backwards precisely in the aspects I am studying”, said the actress, who confirmed the end of her relationship with Caio Castro.

Grazi says she began studying feminism and racism after a phone call from Taís Araújo.

“I watched the play “The Mountain Top” twice (a show about Martin Luther King starring Taís and her husband, Lázaro Ramos), and she asked me: “Don’t you want to know more about its history?”. Through our history, we understand the structure of racism, the benefits that we whites have and the omission of slavery. I’m studying eugenics too. This causes nausea and shivers through my body, of such cruelty”, he said.

Blonde with blue eyes, the actress says that she was “raised at the time when fairy tales had those idealized princesses and there was a time when I believed in this narrative” and that she wants to get rid of this “Cinderella story”.

“It sells. I was raised in the days when fairy tales had those idealized princesses, and there was a time when I believed in that narrative. So I don’t judge who did it. There is this story in my life, of the poor girl who came from the countryside. It’s really cool, it stimulates a lot of people, but it doesn’t hold up. I’m tired of being Cinderella, you know? I am more than that”.