[GRÊMIO] [EXPULSÃO DE MAICON]: Referee reports insults by Maicon in Grêmio’s defeat by Corinthians, in the Campeonato Brasileiro | Guild x Corinthians

Last Saturday night (28), the Guild lost another match for Brazilian championship, and continues to embitter the relegation zone. O Corinthians won 1-0 with a goal by Jô, 34 minutes into the second half. A minute later, Grêmio players complained very vehemently, which resulted in a red card for midfielder Maicon.

Initially, he had received the yellow card, but the complaint persisted, resulting in his expulsion. The shirt 8 came on for Campaz in the 20th minute of the second half, and did not contribute to Grêmio seeking victory yesterday. The team was also overtaken by América-MG, who beat Ceará 2-0 this Sunday morning (29).

Referee Ricardo Marques Ribeiro reported insults such as “will take no **”, “your m***”, “safado”, “thief of the c***” and “vai te f***”. If you don’t get a higher penalty from the STJD (Superior Court of Sports Justice), Maicon will only be out of the next game of the Brazilian Championship, against Ceará, at Arena do Grêmio.

Check out what the referee wrote on the scoresheet:

“At 34 minutes into the second half, I sent off athlete number 08, Mr Maicon Thiago Pereira, from the Grêmio FBPA team, with a direct red card, for uttering the following words in a rude, insulting and disrespectful manner: “It wasn’t a fault c** *, will take the **, whistle this p*** right, you m***!”. I also report that after receiving the red card, the aforementioned athlete started towards me, hitting me with a slap on the arm. I register more than the aforementioned athlete, even after being restrained by teammates, he started again in my direction, also uttering in a rude, insulting and disrespectful way the following words: “Bastard, you m***, c*** thief, go f*** you!”. After being restrained again by his teammates, the expelled athlete, when leaving the field of play, again uttered the following words: “Come here and rob us and do this p***, c***!”. Finally, I inform that I felt offended by the words uttered by the expelled athlete”.