Help Brazil in crisis! New Bolsa Família may be without readjustments and bonuses

key points

  • Novo Bolsa Família is intended to separate the program from PT management;
  • Benefit value must be between R$280 and R$290;
  • The forecast is that Auxílio Brasil will start in November.

Auxílio Brasil is the big bet of the Bolsonaro government (without a party) for the 2022 elections. R$300 or R$400. But economic team declared that the value should be between R$280 and R$290, because of fiscal problems.

Help Brazil in crisis!  New Bolsa Família may be without readjustments and bonuses
Help Brazil in crisis! New Bolsa Família may run out of adjustments and bonuses (Image: FDR)

What is the purpose of creating the New Bolsa Família?

Novo Bolsa Família is the expansion of the program developed in 2003 by former president Lula (PT). In order to disengage from the PT administration, which will run for the 2022 election, the current government will also rename it to Auxílio Brasil.

Help Brazil in crisis!  New Bolsa Família may be without readjustments and bonuses
Help Brazil in crisis! New Bolsa Família may be without readjustments and bonuses (Image: Tudo Bahia)

What will change?

The objective of President Bolsonaro and his team is to increase the number of beneficiaries and the average payment amount, which currently stands at R$192. The chief executive has already said that the new program would be R$300. For this, new benefits will be created:

  • Early Childhood Benefit: aimed at families with children between zero and 36 months of age;
  • Family Composition Benefit: aimed at families with young people up to 21 years of age;
  • Benefit for Overcoming Extreme Poverty: financial supplement for families who receive benefits, but even so, the per capita family income does not exceed the extreme poverty line;
  • Junior Scientific Initiation Scholarship: 12 monthly installments paid to Auxílio Brasil beneficiary students who present good performance in academic and scientific competitions;
  • Child Citizen’s Allowance: benefit paid to heads of households who find a job and cannot find a place in day care centers to leave their children aged 0 to 48 months;
  • Rural Productive Inclusion Aid: paid for up to 36 months to family farmers registered in the CadÚnico (Single Registry);
  • Urban Productive Inclusion Aid: for Brazil Aid beneficiaries who can prove that they have a formal job;
  • Transition Compensatory Benefit: paid to current Bolsa Família beneficiaries who lose part of the amount received due to the changes brought about by the new program;
  • Sports School Allowance: for students between 12 and 17 years old who are members of beneficiary families and who stand out in the Brazilian School Games.

Tax problems can interfere with the amount that will be paid

After the announcement of the values ​​having an average of 50% more than the amount currently paid, technicians from the economic team said it should be between R$280 and R$290.

In addition, with fiscal problems, the program can be launched without increasing the number of families and the average payment.

This plan takes into account that the Bolsa Família budget for the next year remains at BRL 34.8 billion. Faced with this factor, the government is looking for alternatives to obtain resources to pay for the new expenses.

One of the suggestions presented to the National Congress, through a Proposal for Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) for the subdivision of court orders. For approval you need to have two-thirds of Congress.

When will Auxílio Brasil start?

The prediction is that Brazil Aid starts in November, after the end of the 2021 Emergency Aid installments scheduled for the month of October. In order to expand the number of people covered, the goal is to increase the minimum entry range from R$89 to R$100.

How to register in CadÚnico?

Beneficiaries need to register through of the application My Single Registry or in person at one of the social assistance centers.

The person responsible for registering your family must be over 18 years old and have the following documents in hand:

  • Birth certificate;
  • Wedding certificate;
  • CPF;
  • RG;
  • Work Card;
  • Voter Title;
  • Administrative Registry of Indigenous Birth (Rani).

Enrollment does not guarantee immediate entry into the program, as was the case with Bolsa Família.

First, a screening will be carried out by the government to determine who will be awarded.

Auxílio Brasil also aims to promote child and youth development through financial support to pregnant women, nursing mothers, children and adolescents.

Who can receive the benefit?

The program will be aimed at

  • Families in extreme poverty (monthly income of up to BRL 89 per person, according to current government standards)
  • Families in poverty (monthly income between R$89 and R$178 per person, according to current government standards) with pregnant women or persons aged up to 21 years

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Help Brazil in crisis! New Bolsa Família may run out of readjustments and bonuses

Jheniffer Freitas

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