Hospital Unimed Prime (HUP) opens vacancies for cooperative and uncooperative doctors

Unimed Belém Cooperativa de Trabalho Médico is in a selective process to fill 46 vacancies for member-cooperative doctors and non-cooperative doctors to fill the remaining vacancies at the Unimed Prime Hospital, in Belém (PA).

The notice 07/2021 has 46 vacancies for on-duty care in the specialties of Cardiology Intensive Care (11), Adults’ Critical Care Unit (10), Intensive Care (5), inpatient medical clinic (10) and medical care clinic (10).

Priority will be given to the selection of cooperating physicians, however, if the number of subscribers to the vacancies offered is not filled, the non-cooperated will enter.

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To participate, the candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a valid CRM;
  • Have RQE (Specialty Qualification Register) in the intended specialty or related specialties and at least 03 years of proven experience in the desired service line;
  • Have an ATLS and ACLS course on the Urgency and Emergency hotline;
  • Inexistence of disciplinary or ethical sanction in the last 4 years under Cooperative and CRM (presenting certificate of ethical background)
  • Not having been removed from Own Resources;
  • Participation in the Scored Participation Program – PPP will be used as a tie-breaker.

Interested parties should send the documentation to the e-mail [email protected] until 09/03/2021, informing the specialty for which you want to apply for the vacancy.

The list of the names of the selected cooperative members and additional information related to the selection process will be published on Unimed News and on the Transparency Portal.

For more information, candidates may contact the Own Resources sector by phone 4009-5302 and/or by e-mail [email protected]